• Powered by a 130W brushless motor

  • Delivers up to 5 miles per charge

  • Rainbow LED lights on the scooter deck

  • Speed of 5 mph, 8 mph & 10mph

  • Three height levels from 28'' to 36''


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Money-Back Guarantee

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Product Description

How to Ride and Stop

Always wear proper protective equipment, such as an approved safety helmet, elbow pads, and kneepads. 

1. Press the power button and hold for 2 seconds to turn on the scooter. Check the power indicator.

2. Step on the deck with one foot, and slowly kick off the other on the ground.

3. When the scooter starts to coast, put both feet on the deck and push down the accelerator.

4. Tilt your body to the steering direction as you turn, and slowly turn the handlebar.

5. For controlled stops, release the throttle and apply the brake by putting pressure on the rear-fender brake.

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Free Return

Customers have the right to apply for a return within 30 days after receiving the product.

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Questions & Answers

How long does it take to ship a product?

We dispatch orders within 24 hours of receipt. Packages are delivered to you within 3-5 days.

How do I use my discount code?

Select the item you like - go to the checkout page - enter or paste the discount code (For mobile you need to click on "Show order summary")

What if I don't like the package when I receive it?

We always adhere to the "customer first" principle. If you don't like it, you can return it free of charge. We refund you in full.

How do I get in touch with you?

We are here to help. Contact our representative via support@imacwheel.com

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