Throttle Vs Pedal Assist – Which E-bike is better?

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As an emerging travel tool, electric bicycles are very popular in many countries and regions. It breaks the limitation of traditional bicycles relying entirely on manpower. Electric bicycles can bring the joy of professional cyclists to amateur cyclists. 


There are a few reasons why you would consider an electric bike:

  • They are fast and flexible
  • They improve fitness using bleeding-edge tech
  • They cut back on costs
  • They are nature-friendly

Many cycling enthusiasts like to use the bicycle as a commuting tool, but they must have experienced that sweating feeling when riding to work makes the whole day uncomfortable. But the multi-mode electric bicycle perfectly solves this problem. You can choose to use the power-assisted mode to ride easily without sweating a lot on the way to work. Also, you can choose not to use the assist mode when you are off work to achieve a better riding exercise effect.

In fact, there are different types of electric bicycles, mainly divided into Throttle bicycles and pedal-assisted bicycles. The throttle is similar to the motorcycle throttle. The twist throttle can adjust the output power. There are also other throttle types such as thumb throttle, push-button throttle, and so on. Pedal-assist is actually also called pedelec, which only outputs power when the rider pedaling. Generally, pedal-assist has several different levels set, such as high assist set and low assist set. In high assist mode, the motor outputs more power, making it easier for the rider. In the low assist mode, the motor outputs less power, and the rider needs to pedal harder to provide riding power.

Further, Pedal-Assisted Bicycles are subdivided into two:

  • torque sensor pedal assist
  • cadence sensor pedal assist

The torque sensor pedal system will adjust the amount of power output by the motor according to your pedaling force. For example, in the uphill phase of riding, if the rider increases the pedaling force, the torque sensor will sense it, and then output more torque to adapt to the uphill. Torque sensors are often equipped with more expensive E-bikes because of their higher cost. Compared with the torque sensor system it will adjust the aid level based on the assistance level you select, not on your actual pedal power. In other words, you can pedal lightly or hard, but It will offer the same degree of support.

Regarding these types of electric bicycles, the following will be specifically distinguished from other dimensions:


The way to activate the E-bike is different

A throttle assist bike can directly drive the E-bike without pedaling, but the pedal-assist bike must be activated by pedaling.


The limited speed is different

According to the laws of most states in the United States, E-bike cannot exceed 20 mph in pure throttle mode, and the maximum speed of pedal assist can be 28 mph. (Refer from:


It’s applicable to different cross sections of people

Because the throttle drive system can directly drive the E-bike, it is more friendly to some physically weak or disabled people. Pedal-assist system is more suitable for people with exercise needs


The usage scenarios are different

For long-distance riding, the pedal-assist is more suitable. It is more power-saving and thus, increasing travel distance. But for short trips, if you don't want to pedal at all, then the throttle mode will perfectly match your needs.

Pedal Assisted & Throttle Combination

Then you may be wondering, are there any E-Bike that combines the throttle mode and the pedal-assist mode? The answer is yes. The combined E-bike is compatible with more usage scenarios, including those we mentioned above. Therefore, this is good news for people who require multiple riding functions. For example, when you go to work, you can use the pure throttle mode to allow the battery and motor to provide sufficient power. When you are off work, you can choose to use the pedal assist mode to achieve the exercise effect. However, if you need to do high-intensity exercise, you can turn off both assist modes and ride like a normal bicycle. Because a battery has a certain weight, it is equivalent to increasing the exercise intensity riders.



According to the above, the most important thing to choose is which type of electric bicycle is based on the needs of users. If you do not like the feeling of pedaling, it is best to choose a throttle E-bike. If you are an enthusiast of riding but need some extent assistant, then the pedal-assist E-bike is perfect. In addition, for working people, the combination E-bike may be more suitable. So how will you choose an E-bike? Consider your needs as a rider here:

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