This is the first time ebike named Macwheel bring joy into my life. The Macwheel recently launched three new electric bikes called Ranger 500,Cruiser 550 and Wrangler 600. I couldn’t take my eyes off the ebike. I’d never seen a bike quite like it.

Those cool ebikes are more than just a novelty. They were a huge leap toward a lofty goal: “to get more people on bikes”. To do that, macwheel developed three different models. Ranger 500 is suitable for urban cycling while Cruiser 550 is easy for wild cycling and Wrangler 600 is good at off-road.

Fast-forward to today. I get a mountain bike and go off-road at the first time. This electric bike is equipped with strong frame and fork spring. Riders will not feel bumps in various cycling conditions. Hidden large-capacity battery and powerful rear hub motor ensures plenty of power. You can enjoy an easy ride especially when you go uphills. Cyclists can choose different gears according to their riding habits and road conditions. There is no risk of skidding when riding under the protection of KENDA tire. The front wheel can be removed easily for the quick release. You can also adjust the height of saddle to suit your riding position. The light with horn plays a good warning role while riding at night.Tektro disc brakes maintain safe riding especially in case of emergency. It’s one of the quietest, most convenient and easiest-to-operate e-bikes I’ve ever ridden.

There are 3 modes that you can choose. First,you can cut off the power and ride like a normal MTB;Second,you can adjust the meter to gear 0 and turn the rotary throttle, this is the mode of pure electric, the harder you turn the faster it goes; Third, you can adjust the meter to gear 1-5 and step down the pedal, this is the mode of power assist mode, the higher of the gear the less effort it takes.

The Macwheel is sold by amazon and macwheel official website, not through offline shop. The sticker price of $799 is about what you’d expect to pay for a nice mid-range mountain bike—without the added electric boost.

There are plenty of reasons to give the e-bike experience a try. Compared to driving a car or using public transportation, it’s an efficient, economical, and healthy option. But, as the Wrangler 600 proves, perhaps the best thing about an e-bike is that it’s just plain fun.


Tire                               :     27.5*2.10

Weight                         :    50.7lb (23kg)

Max Load                     :   264lb (120kg)

Range                            :    Pure electric mode:25-31 miles (40-50km)

Electric assist mode :     50-62 miles (80-100km)

Max speed                   :     15.5mph(25km/h)

Max torque                   :      34 N*m

Suitable height             :      5.6-6.2ft(170-190cm)

If you like open and fast trails and if you want to climb big mountains with ease to rip some massive descents, this bike is pretty killer.


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  • Judith A Stone

    I’m want to order the Mac wheel Ranger 500 for my winter home in Rancho Mirage, CA. Please advise a good link for details & cost on the bike and ordering process.

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