How to Ride Electric Bikes Safely?

Various of people are becoming interested in electric bikes because they can provide a power source alternative allowing riders to enjoy the fun of riding easier. Compared to traditional bicycles, electric bicycles can be ridden faster, but the relative risk is higher. According to Ebicycles, the growth of Ebike production grew by 35% from 1993 to 2004.

The electric bicycle market was estimated at $15.42 billion and is expected to achieve a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 7.49% between 2020-2025 ( ebicycles,2021). That's why supermarkets like Walmart are in the business of stalking and selling them.

With such numbers speculated for the next few years, it is essential to stay safe. Below we will discuss nine safety tips to consider when riding an electric bike.

1.Wear a Helmet


Wearing a high-quality helmet is a legal requirement in many states. Like riding a regular bicycle, wearing a helmet is based on protecting the rider's safety. The head is the most critical part of the body (compared to the torso), and helmets can significantly reduce the series of fatal injuries that accidents may cause to the brain. Of course, DIY helmet stickers and personalized color matching can show personality and increase recognition. The helmet can even protect the head from wind and rain.

2.Use Bicycle Lights

Use bicycle lights at night so that you can see the road conditions clearly and avoid dangerous potholes. The lights are also beneficial during the day, just like the daytime running lights of a car. It can signal and warn other vehicles and reduce the risk of a crash.

3.Keep Yourself Visible


If you ride in the daytime, the combination of colorful clothes and helmets will make you more recognizable and safer. If you are riding at night, reflective dresses or vests and bicycle reflectors are all necessary. The rider can be identified regardless of whether it is coming from the opposite side or from behind.

4.Use a Mirror

The use of rear-view mirrors is also crucial. Whether you are changing lanes or avoiding speeding vehicles behind you, the rear-view mirror can keep you on high alert. But You cannot just rely on the rear-view mirror. You have to look at whether a vehicle is driving parallel to you because most rear-view mirrors can only reflect the situation behind.

5.Ensure the safety of tires

 Safety of tires

Excessive tire pressure may cause a puncture during summer riding, which is extremely dangerous. Of course, aging tires will also have such problems. In addition, if the tire pressure is too little, it may accelerate tire wear. So please make sure that the tire pressure is normal and there is no excessive wear.

6.Check the brakes regularly

The aging or even failure of brakes may cause fatalities. Make sure that your hand is close to the brake handles. The reaction time of an ordinary person is 0.15-0.4 seconds. The maximum driving speed of an electric bike is 20 miles per hour on average. According to the longest response time, from an average speed of 20 miles per hour to a stop, the required stopping distance is 3.58 meters. So if the hand does not leave the brake, the braking distance will be reduced by up to 3.58 meters. However, almost 4 meters may be enough to avoid a crash or reduce the seriousness of accidents.

7.Ensure the safety of the E-bike battery

Modern Ebikes are equipped with lithium batteries which are dangerous if kept in high-temperature environments. The battery could spontaneously ignite or combust, injuring the riders and nearby pedestrians. In addition, we must prevent any sharp objects from piercing the battery because they are likely to cause a short circuit.

8.Beware of stationary cars

Parked cars may seem harmless to a rider, but some are temporarily parked on the side of the road. Drivers or passengers may open the door without observing and may end up injuring a rider. Both riders and drivers need to be careful when entering, leaving, or passing by parking lots.

9.Pay attention to traffic

Ring the bell to let others know that you are there, especially in the motorist's blind spot. Some tired or distracted drivers may be a risk to riders. Use the horn to warn drivers of any dangers when they get too close to ensure your safety. In bad road conditions (snow, sand, and slippery roads), keep riding at a moderately low speed. That can significantly reduce the braking distance in case of an emergency.

As electric bikes become more popular, safety continues to be a constant challenge. Let's take precautions to ensure that we are safe in our travels.



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