How to Choose Your Electric Bike

First of all, safety is the priority for Ebikes.
The safety of the two parts is particularly significant.
The first part is the brakes of Ebikes
There are two kinds of brakes used in mainstream electric bicycles, one is a disc brakes, and the other is a drum brakes.

Drum Brakes:

Drum Brakes

Drum brake using mechanical transmission, the working principle is to transfer the braking energy to a circular drum that rotates with the wheels. When the brake pedal is stepped on, a set of brake shoes made of heat-resistant materials expand outward and press on the steering drum and slow the wheels. Therefore, the brake resistance arm is smaller than the disc brake, and the resistance arm is outside the wheel.

Disc Brakes:

Disc Brakes


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Disc brakes using hydraulic or linear transmission, when the pedal of the disc brake system is stepped on, the brake calipers are pressed on the brake disc from each side (together), and the brake pads are in contact with the brake disc. The brake resistance arm is large, the braking effect is good, and the braking effect is not easily affected by the weather. In addition, the disc brake has good heat dissipation, less heat decay, brake linearity to easy control, and frequent braking is not afraid.
Disc brakes are superior to drum brakes because more heat will accumulate in the metal drum when braking is firm. That will eventually cause the drum brake system to fade. Decay is when the brake pedal becomes soft, usually caused by overheating somewhere in the system. That usually happens under severe braking conditions, such as braking at high speed when going downhill. In contrast, disc brakes are open and exposed to the air, so they do not generate heat like drum brakes.
The second part is the battery.
Lithium batteries have better battery life, energy ratio, and charge-discharge efficiency than ordinary lead-acid batteries. And it is smaller in size, lighter in weight, recyclable and reusable, and will not pollute the environment.

The lithium battery of LNE-16 is equipped with BMS function:

BMS Function


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Battery protection:

Similar to PCM, overcharge, over-discharge, over-temperature, and short circuit protection. Like ordinary lithium manganese batteries and ternary lithium batteries, once the voltage of any battery exceeds 4.2V or any battery voltage is lower than 3.0V, the system will automatically cut off the charging or discharging circuit. Suppose the battery temperature exceeds the battery's operating temperature, or the current is greater than the battery's discharge current. In that case, the system will automatically cut off the current path to ensure the safety of the battery and the design, monitor the battery status in real-time, and inform the host computer system of the battery status.

Energy balance:

The entire battery pack is connected in series through many batteries. After working for a certain period of time, it will eventually show a big difference due to the inconsistency of the battery cell itself and other reasons. That will affect the life of the battery and the whole system. Energy balance is to make up for the differences between individual battery cells to do some active or passive charging or discharging management to ensure battery consistency and extend battery life.

Torque Sensor:

Torque Sensor

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If you willing to enjoy the riding and the torque sensor is suitable for you.
The torque sensor could detect a slight change in pedaling force during riding, and it will convert the force signal into an electrical signal and transmit it to the controller. The controller will assist you according to the received signal that the pressure applied to the pedal. Therefore, Ebikes give you more assistance if you apply more pressure.
For example, if you are more and more strenuous when going uphill and need more and more assistance, then the torque sensing solution is more suitable for ease.

Sine Wave Controller:

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If you want to ride steadily and quietly, the sine wave controller should be your first choice.
Compared with the square wave controller, the sine wave has less noise. And, a sine wave controller could help the start of riding would be softer and smoother. Besides, the torque is ample, which ensures the stability is good at low speed.


Foldable Function:

MACWHEEL LNE-16 is lightweight and foldable. Folded length: 51.2inchs; height: 26.38 inches. If you live far away, you drive to the parking firstly, but there is still some distance between the parking area and your company. Then LNE-16 is your good choice. Similarly, if you want to ride far away, you can drive near your destination firstly. Then, take it out of the trunk and enjoy your riding.
If you are new to the electric bike, such a complicated assembly may
  1. Cause you to spend a lot of time
  2. The E-bike couldn’t run due to the wrong installation.
  3. The bicycle could run, but due to wrong installation, the parts are quickly damaged.
MACWHEEL LNE-16 has been pre-assembled; you don't need to spend too much effort on assembly, just a few simple steps to install, and then you can start riding. Besides, MACWHEEL LNE-16 equipped with disc brakes, lithium battery with BMS function and sine wave controller for helping you enjoy riding. Although the MACWHEEL LNE-16 tire is only 16 inches, it is suitable for rider with a height range of 5'2.5"-6'2".


  • John

    Can the controller be adjusted so the ebike can go faster?
    What is the best ebike carrier for the MacWheel ranger 500?

  • John

    Torque specifications, fork post diameter, and seat post diameter would be helpful.

  • John

    Torque specifications, fork post diameter, and seat post diameter would be helpful.

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