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Taking care of ourselves and each other's health and well-being has never been more important. Commuting is still an indispensable part of our daily lives and provides us with an effective way to increase daily physical exercise. Fortunately, the electric assisted cycle (EPAC) is on the rise, paving the way for us to do this.

The smartest cities in the world recognize that cycling can promote simple and healthy lifestyles and sustainable commuting. The global market for this technology is expected to grow rapidly because it is becoming increasingly popular with consumers as an environmentally friendly travel option.

But first, what exactly is EPAC? It is a vehicle with at least two wheels and is propelled by the muscle energy of a person on the vehicle, especially by pedaling, and is provided with additional assistance by an electric motor. In short, this is a bicycle equipped with an electric motor, rechargeable batteries and some gadgets to increase power. Therefore, when you want to ride a bike but your legs or knees feel unsuitable for the challenge, don't worry! As we grow older, we may not have more abilities to exert greater strength, but EPAC can still help us out of trouble so that we can start exercising easily.

Cycling provides numerous benefits to the rider.

"Cycle" without sweating

Are you afraid that your leisure journey will shed tears and sweat? no problem! When you ride a bike, the motor is your partner and it will take you to where you should be. Once you start pedaling the electric bike, the small electric motor will start to provide you with extra boost. You can freely control the speed of your feet, but with some help, you will only feel stronger and easier to accelerate. The terrain along the way is rough? Use electricity to help you. Your destination is too far away, don't you want to endure normal traffic? Step on the pedal without any effort. This saves your time and energy.

 Cycling for leisure and entertainment can also enhance the sense of unity in the local community. It brings us freedom unlike any other means of transportation. Free to roam around, never worry about gas. You can freely navigate and trample anywhere without having to take a lot of cars. Most importantly, free to play! In view of the growing interest in the technology, research has emphasized its potential to promote sufficient intensity of physical exercise, which will bring many health benefits.

Studies have shown that electric bicycles can help improve physical and mental health.



Cycling provides numerous benefits to the rider. Because bicycles are easy to use and convenient, people will be more inclined to ride and exercise. Good physical exercise can not only make the heart and muscles work at the same time, but also a wonderful way to restore happiness.

David, a senior product compliance engineer at MACWHEEL, a professional manufacturer of electric bicycles and bicycle products, said that contrary to popular belief, this technology will not take away our human lifestyle; in fact, it enhances it. "The rise of electric assisted circulation has opened up new doors of opportunity and provided people with more freedom in commuting. This revolution has enabled people to use bicycles for transportation or entertainment." He said.

Cycling regularly can also improve our immune system and stimulate the secretion of endorphins and dopamine in the brain. These hormones can boost our morale and help maintain mental health – without a doubt, despite the strong and satisfying Heart exercise, but everyone smiles after riding a bicycle!

Assisting cycling is also beneficial to the muscles from head to toe. It can develop the muscles of the lower limbs, refine and regulate the muscles of the legs and buttocks. Similarly, cycling can develop proper skills and balance qualities. In addition, compared with deep fat, it can promote blood and lymph circulation through the work of deep muscles, and can better distribute lean mass.

Most importantly, riding a bicycle can reduce the risk of more serious and chronic diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and even Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Research shows that e-bikes can help improve physical and mental health. In essence, one cycle per day can definitely improve the prognosis of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, neurological diseases, tumors, metabolism and rheumatism. After all these efforts, you will definitely have a good night's sleep.

Safety in the saddle

 As bicycles gradually become a competitive sport or leisure tool, popular trends reflect that electric bicycles have become an emerging market towards sustainable transportation. Portland State University's research shows that electric bicycles encourage newcomers to ride bicycles, making people who have already ridden bicycles ride bicycles more frequently, and pointed out that people riding electric bicycles are safer than standard bicycles. The same study shows that electric bicycles are also replacing car travel.

However, with the increase in the level of adoption, the rise of power-assisted circulation has also caused more security risks. If the normal speed exceeds 16 km/h to 30 km/h (depending on the country's regulations on the maximum speed at which the electric motor can provide assistance), is EPAC more prone to collisions and accidents than ordinary bicycles? A study published in the journal Transportation Research shows that electric bicycles do indeed bring a series of specific safety hazards. In Europe alone, more than two thousand cyclists die in traffic accidents every year, mainly due to the rapid development and increasing popularity of the technology, which increases the risk of bicycle-related accidents.The rise of power-assisted circulation has opened doors of new opportunities and provided people with more freedom in commuting.


Adaptation to change is all about life and standardization. For example, since the outbreak of the corona virus, the world has undergone earth-shaking changes, which people have never really thought of. According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, we should keep at least two meters away from others to minimize the spread of infection, public transportation and even carpooling. In this case, avoiding direct contact with others may take a while It was considered too risky.

All things considered, electric bikes seem to be an obvious and advantageous transportation option because they are absolutely easy to navigate, meaning you are riding alone. Berggren added that people's perception of this mode of transportation during and after the pandemic is: "In a way, this is definitely a wake-up call. The outbreak has shown us what we took for granted in some way before. , So that we have a much-needed change in our perceptions of this technology." Although most of us have a fair share


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