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If you are looking for all the advantage of cycling but with a little extra assistance, our electric bikes are made for you. Our range extends from electric mountain bikes, trekking e-bikes, to urban electric bikes. There are models for men, women. You will definitely find the perfect bike for your needs. Time to go further and easier.


MTB electric bike

Our E-Mountain bikes are here to quench your singletrack thirst. They can tackle the steepest of climbs and the most demanding of descents. For trail and sport.

The freedom of being out and about. On your own or with friends, without limits, on native paths, mastering steep inclines, uphill, downhill, exploring unknown areas. Reaching the summit and moving mountains, making up your own mind about when the tour is MACWHEEL e-mountainbikes will show you what freedom really means.

Our e-bikes for leisurely tours Cruiser 550

Tours electric bike

The freedom of being out and about. With family and friends, mastering inclines without problems, leaving hills far behind you, simply riding off without worrying about where today's journey is going to end. Around the next bend, over quiet country paths, feeling the wind in your face – rediscover freedom with your TREKING e-bike.

For those who like to take their bikes whenever then have a bit of spare time, but also use their bike quite regularly during the week for their daily journeys, the perfect bike is the cross bike. It is definitely the sportier/most dynamic bike of these three. This is the perfect bike for commuters, and for those who like to transform the after work ride into a nice workout!

Our e-bikes for the city Ranger 500

Electric City bike

The freedom of being out and about. Ride where you want when you want. On your long journey to work, on your way home for the day, on your own, or with your children. Be mobile, without a timetable, without petrol, and without parking worries. Macwheel through lively towns or over gentle country roads, feeling the wind in your face and enjoying the sense of lightness – feel free with your urban e-bike.

Less sporty but perfect for an everyday use all year long, the urban bike is the best choice if you using your bike in the city


  • Dario

    I live in Italy near to Varese. Where can I buy a MACWHEEL ELECTRIC BIKE?

  • Thomas Cooper

    I would like to purchase one of your bikes. The cons I have read shows poor customer support. Do you have a help line or is this the only support you guys offer? Can you give me the weight of the Cruiser 550.

  • christian Fiazza

    Sono molto interessato alla Wrangler 600. Posso acquistarla da voi tramite ed utilizzare il buono mobilità?
    Attendo vostre notizie.


    Buona sera sono interessato all’acquisto della Cruiser 500 o della 550. Posso acquistarla da voi direttamente ed utilizzare il buono mobilità?
    Attendo vostre notizie.
    Cordiali saluti

  • Sharon Havens

    I recently received the MacWheel E-bike Model:MYT-26, the battery seems like its not taking a full charge as well as the Meter Indicator does not shows no indication of what the battery charge I have left. Can any one help/advice for me on how to correct this.

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