Adapting to change is what life and standardization are all about. For example, the world has changed significantly since the corona­virus outbreak in ways no one really expected. With the World Health Organization’s advice that we should stay at least two metres away from other people to minimize the spread of infection, public transportation or even carpooling, wherein direct contact with others cannot be avoided, may be deemed too risky for a period of time.

With all things considered, e-bikes seem to be an obvious and favourable choice of transportation as they are definitely easier to navigate and mean that you are riding alone. Weighing in on people’s perception of this mode of transportation during and after the pandemic, Berggren adds, “It’s definitely a wake-up call to some extent. The outbreak opened our eyes to things we somehow took for granted before, bringing a much-needed change in how we see this technology.” While most of us have had our fair share of staying at home to prevent the further spread of the virus, EPACs present us with an alternative way of going out to feel the breeze against our skin, get some sunshine and a shot of endorphins without expending too much effort.

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Keep safety, Rideing Safety!

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