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  • David Booth

Very nice bike, easy to operate and fairly simple.

I love that you can still get your exercise and only use the "electric" assist when needed. You can bike ride without the fear of having to get back! No problem! I love the fact that it is a stress-free ride!

  • Emily

Amazing quality and easy to set up and use.

My 7 and 9-year-old love these scooters. Perfect speed for this age group. They are easy to ride and control. This was a great buy for my child she really Love's it!

  • Rodney Owens

GValue Priced E-Bike.

The Macwheel E-Bike is a good product for the price. It rides very well and is easy to pedal, even without the electric motor assist. All parts fit well and seem of good quality.

  • Mrs. Retamar

Great scooter with RGB lighting that any kid would love!

This little scooter is absolutely phenomenal. I got this for my 6-year-old daughter but both my husband and I have tried it out and it’s so fun

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